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The Naval Order of the United States is the living history of our sea going services. Our membership keeps history alive through the restoration of historic artifacts, establishment of memorials at key sites, and the active collection of our shared history through academic papers, published works, and ad hoc stories.

We are a growing community of members spanning multiple generations and military engagements. Using written, visual, aural and social media, we tell our stories and work as a community to build, restore, and commemorate our treasured national history of those who went to sea in the name of our country.

The newsletter of the Naval Order of the United States is our quarterly publication covering top stories from the Society's activities and articles on Naval history. This quarter's publication includes

  • Awards: Chairman Robert J. Stevens, Admiral of the Navy George Dewey Award; ADM Jonathan W. Greenert, USN (Ret.) and MCPOCG Michael P. Leavitt, USCG (Ret.), Distinguished Sea Service Awards
  • Preservation Partner: Docent CAPT William E. Nelson, USN (Ret.) helps USS Hornet Sea, Air and Space Museum connect the greatest generation of Americans with future generations, educating and inspiring them to meet their challenges
  • Special Programs: USS Stark remembered by First Coast Commandery on the 30th anniversary of the attack by an Iraqi F-1 in the Arabian Gulf
  • Report: Historian General, Registrar General, and professional genealogist visit with Texas A&M archives assistant Bradley Cesario who is cataloging NOUS membership applications dating from 1890
  • Book Review: Blackmail by Rick Campbell

Elected and appointed officers of the Naval Order of the United States are proven members dedicated to the preservation of the Order's principles and the history we are working to maintain for generations to come. Look here to see our current list of national officers and the roles they perform in our Order's mission.

Since 1890 the Naval Order of the United States has attracted members of great distinction. Listed here are a number of our members who have achieved prominence in their uniformed or civilian careers. Come see who you are connected to through your membership with the Naval Order.  

The Naval Order of the United States is an active society with Commanderys (chapters) located across the nation. Check out our calendar of events which includes local Naval Order meetings, special commemorative events, and historical group destinations that are open to our members and to guests of the Order.

Membership in the Naval Order of the United States is by invitation only. If you wish to pursue membership in our order, we welcome your application. The Naval Order is open to Veterans, family members of Veterans, and people from across our great nation with a genuine interest and dedication to preserving our shared heritage in the US sea going services.

To learn more about our society, or to reach out to the Commandery nearest to you, please contact us using this form. We will get back to you shortly.

Our Ship's Store is full of Naval Order memorabilia for our members to choose from. Come take a look at what we have to offer.

The Naval Order Foundation enables the Naval Order to solicit and receive gifts, donations and bequests from individuals, trusts and other foundations and corporations. Gifts are 100% tax deductible.

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